As with any foodservice operation, we care about the health and safety of our clients, community, and employees. With Covid-19 being a big concern, we have decided to enhance our already stellar sanitation practices and ensure high touch areas are being attended to more frequently. We have also decided to eliminate self-service buffets and utilize our staff to serve our guests. 

We have made investments, like many others, in hand sanitizer stations that will be conspicuously placed in our facility. Our cleaning procedures have included a chemical that is EPA approved to kill Coronavirus for many years.

Employees are subject to daily temperature screening. Employees are being continuously monitored for symptoms and are being encouraged to stay home if they feel ill. PPE is available for our employees and is required to be worn.

We will continue to monitor any changes mandated by any health officials (local or statewide) and ensure we enact any policies necessary. Our perfect to near-perfect health inspections are a testament to our focus on sanitation.

We hope for you to join us soon, safely.